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Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Keep Omaha Beautiful! There are many ways you can get involved in caring for our community and the environment.

KOB Volunteers can clean up litter in a number of ways:


One-Time Service Event: Choose a date(s) and location(s) for yourself or a group of friends, family, coworkers, etc. to clean up litter in a public space, such as a neighborhood, park, or business corridor. You can conduct your cleanup just once, or repeat it a few times throughout the year. Learn more at this link.


Recurring Service Event: Commit to monthly cleanups by adopting a public area such as a neighborhood or business corridor, stream or trail segment, or a school campus. Individuals or groups can register for Adopt-a-Spot in the spring, with regular cleanups taking place March through October. Learn more at this link.

Please Note: The City of Omaha’s Parks & Recreation department has a similar program for adopting park locations. Visit this link if you are interested in monthly cleanups at an area park!

KOB Volunteers can help prevent water pollution & protect local waterways:


Volunteers mark storm drains with “No Dumping” decals, share educational brochures with nearby neighbors, and pick up litter from drain inlets to help prevent water pollution. Individuals or groups (up to 36 people) can participate from March - October, or as weather allows. Ages 5 or older. Learn more at this link.


By removing litter from in and around local streams, lake shores, creeks, and other waterways, individual or group volunteers help protect local waterways and ecosystems. Learn more at this link. *Subject to seasonal availability, primarily in early spring and late fall.

Keep Omaha Beautiful offers outdoor volunteer opportunities in Omaha, Nebraska for all ages and skill levels

Each year, Keep Omaha Beautiful engages thousands of volunteers from all ages and skill levels who want to contribute to a healthy urban ecosystem. Service activities are designed to benefit our community and the environment. Each year, volunteers give their time to help with litter cleanups, caring for storm drains, protecting local waterways, and helping at special events that benefit our community. Thank you to all our volunteers for making a difference!

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