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Keep Omaha Beautiful fosters environmental and community stewardship through education, service, and advocacy. 


A beautiful Omaha where all residents are active stewards of a sustainable environment.

Programmatic Priorities

All current KOB programs and events focus on one or more of the following:

Environmental Education & Outreach -- KOB conducts environmental education programming and outreach that address urban ecosystems & biodiversity, waste reduction & recycling, and water pollution prevention. We believe all Omaha youth/adults should have equitable access to high-quality environmental education that connects them to urban nature and fosters sustainable lifestyles.

Community Stewardship & Service -- KOB provides engaging and meaningful community-service opportunities throughout the city. We believe all Omaha residents should have equitable access to service-learning experiences that strengthen connections to the community and benefit the environment.

Healthy Urban Ecosystems -- KOB advocates for a sustainable community with thriving urban ecosystems. We believe all Omaha residents should have equitable access to clean, healthy, and restorative urban green spaces where nature also flourishes.

Guiding Principles

Many values carry high importance in guiding our organization’s daily decision-making and influencing long-term goals. At the core, we hold ourselves to the following tenets:

Stewardship is our collective responsibility. We carefully manage what is entrusted to us. At KOB, we are committed to being conscientious stewards of our environment, community, volunteers, partnerships, and resources. And we inspire others to do the same.

We do the right thing, period.  Integrity, like a true moral compass, guides every decision and action at KOB. We have an unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and objectivity.

We grow better together. Teamwork fuels our collective impact. And our success depends on collaboration with our neighbors, educators, volunteers, government representatives, and partner organizations.

Diversity strengthens us. We create our programs and services to be inclusive and accessible. We make it possible for everyone to contribute to our mission and ensure our mission serves everyone equitably.

We lead with creativity. The environmental issues we face today require a courageous response. We are innovative in our approach to identify sustainable solutions that respect our natural world and build a better future for our community.

Education + inspiration = meaningful change. We provide engaging, data-driven, and impactful educational programs for youth and adult learners alike. Our opportunities are designed to empower individuals and reduce barriers to sustainable living.

Nature + neighbors = our Omaha community. We love this city and are committed to making it a better place for all residents, which is why we are passionate about fostering spaces that are healthy, sustainable, and beautiful. And through our programs focused on education and service, we celebrate Omaha’s urban habitats, connecting our community to the nature right here in our neighborhoods.


Keep Omaha Beautiful, one of the oldest environmental nonprofits in Nebraska, dates back to 1959 when Mary “Deanie” Anderson founded the organization under the name City Beautification Unlimited. Shortly after, the name changed to the Mayor’s Committee for City Beautification, Inc., and then officially became known as Keep Omaha Beautiful in 1964. Ms. Anderson served as the executive director until her death in 1990.

Throughout our history, Keep Omaha Beautiful has always focused on engaging and educating the local community about environmental stewardship and the wise use of resources. We are proud to have led a number of impactful initiatives over the years, ranging from helping start the City of Omaha's first curbside recycling program in 1973 to planting over 3,200 trees in 87 Omaha parks and trails as part of the Trees for Omaha program, which began in 2018. Thanks to the support of thousands of volunteers each year, we continue to help ensure that Omaha’s urban and natural environments are clean, beautiful, and environmentally sustainable. 

At an Omaha Home Show event in the early 1960's, the founder of Keep Omaha Beautiful, Ms. Deanie Anderson, poses with Mayor Alexander Sorenson (left) and another community member with signage overhead.

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