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Healthy Waterways

Keep Omaha Beautiful engages our community in service projects and educational resources to help curb one of the leading causes of water pollution: polluted stormwater runoff. Browse the resources below to learn more and get involved. 

KOB's stormwater awareness and pollution prevention program, "Healthy Waterways," helps residents understand how the storm drain system is connected to our local rivers, lakes, and other waterways. We work with the City of Omaha’s Stormwater Program to educate the public about the simple, every day actions they can take to prevent stormwater pollution, including:

  • Don't litter, and help clean up litter if you find it
  • Pick up after pets, including in the yard
  • Never dump anything down a storm drain
  • Dispose of household chemicals properly 
  • Sweep grass clippings and leaves back into your yard, never blow them in the street
  • Help slow runoff by collecting rain water in a rain barrel 

Resources for Stormwater Pollution Prevention

"Only Rain Down the Storm Drain" Video Series

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