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Keep Omaha Beautiful (KOB) offers a variety of environmental education programs and activities for local educators and community groups. All activities and educational resources are designed to help youth  explore environmental issues, and learn practical actions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our selection of outreach activities, service-learning opportunities, and education kits help facilitate hands-on learning and connect young people to the natural world. Each KOB program can include a combination of teacher-led activities and/or activities led by KOB Educators.

Environmental Education Programs & Kits Available

Education Kits Include Curriculum & Resources

  • Kits are designed for grades K-5 but can be adapted for middle and high school students
  • Each kit includes ALL supplies and materials that educators need to complete fun activities with students or youth group members
  • Kits are available to check out for a 1 to 3 week period
  • Each kit includes 8-15 lessons and activities. KOB Educators will help you select the best activities for your specific group and learning objectives
  • Lessons are designed to meet Nebraska Academic Content Area Standards in science, social studies, and language arts

Click the button below to request an Outreach Program and/or Education Kit.

Contact Hannah Rennard-Ganley, Director of Education to discuss the best KOB activities for your group or classroom. Call 402-444-7780 or email for more information.

What Educators are Saying

“We really enjoyed having KOB in our classroom. Our students walked away more knowledgeable and motivated to make positive changes in the community.” - Local Educator

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