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Only Rain Down the Storm Drain

We work with the City of Omaha’s Stormwater Program to educate the public about how to prevent stormwater pollution. Unfortunately, there are several ways that people accidentally or intentionally pollute our waterways, including illegal dumping of liquids down storm drains. In light of this, we coordinate volunteers to clean up debris/litter around storm inlets and place “no dumping” discs on the storm drains. We also distribute educational door hangers (see below) to residents living near the marked storm drains about ways to prevent water pollution and ensure only rain goes down the storm drain.

If your volunteer group is interested in helping place "no dumping" discs and/or educating area residents about how to prevent water pollution, complete the online form below! (*This is a seasonal volunteer project available March to October.)

For more information about how to prevent water pollution and manage stormwater, check out the City of Omaha’s Stormwater Program site.

Thank you to the 3M Environmental Reserved Fund for supporting the production of this video.

Stormwater Resources
  • This door hanger serves as a supplemental educational piece of our stormwater pollution prevention program. Volunteers, in conjunction with cleaning and labeling storm drains, distribute these door hangers to area residents. The goal is for residents to make the connection to the labeled storm drains in their area, and to empower them to make conscious decisions to prevent stormwater pollution in their neighborhood.

  • Storm drain labeling entails following a map of a neighborhood to find the storm drains, and labeling them with a "no dumping - leads to waterways" decal. At this time, volunteers can also clean the storm drains of existing litter and debris. For more information, read the detailed instructions in the corresponding document.

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