PlaNET Saver

PlaNET Saver

PlaNET Saver nets solve the litter issues that open-top recycling containers cause on windy days. By tying the net to one side of the bin and strapping the elastic around the top, you can be sure all of your recyclables make it to the recycling center and not into the streets of your neighborhood.

The heavy-duty, UV-stable, windproof poly net, created by a local entrepreneur, quickly and easily covers the contents of your green recycling bin and allows for overfilling. It includes a tie string for attaching the net to the bin handle. The 2" mesh keeps even the smallest and lightest items safely in the bin. Red fabric handles allow the waste collector to remove the net very quickly.

The City of Omaha and Waste Management have both approved the use of these nets for collection, though they are not liable for missing nets. Email to purchase your net, and 10% of the proceeds will go to support Keep Omaha Beautiful. 

Thank you to our Trees for Omaha Sponsors!



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