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Mobilize Omahans by organizing a community cleanup that is open for all to participate! 

  1. Sign-up to organize a community cleanup with our volunteer request form below

  2. Meet with us to talk all things cleanup, get your promotional materials and pick up your supply kit

  3. Recruit your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers to let them know about your event

  4. Host an amazing outing!

  5. Visit with KOB staff to debrief your event, exchange ideas, and return your cleanup supply kit

Community Cleanup Map

Check out the map below to see upcoming community cleanups! Click each icon to see details. 


How do I choose a date & location?

Choose the date and location that work best for you and your community! KOB will verify that there are no other conflicting cleanups.

How do I work with KOB?

As your partner in coordinating a community event, KOB will support you by:

  • Providing all cleanup supplies & additional resources
  • Offering necessary logistical support during your planning
  • Promoting your cleanup to our volunteer base

In return, we ask that as a volunteer leader, you:

  • Plan your community cleanup with at least 2 weeks advance notice
  • Coordinate a cleanup that is open to the public, in order to inspire and mobilize all Omahans
  • Identify one lead volunteer who can be the point of contact for KOB staff
  • Return loaned supplies to KOB
What supplies does KOB provide?
  • Promotional Package (Available in English and Spanish). Includes an email header, email template, social media graphic, and yard signs
  • Litter tools
  • Trash, recycling, and Hefty EnergyBags
  • A weight scale (to weigh collected litter)
  • Gloves
  • A first-aid kit
  • Safety vests (if working along streets/trails)
  • & more!
What if I want to organize a closed cleanup with my group, friends, or family?

You can! Hosting a community cleanup might not be the best fit for you, but you can click here to learn how to conduct a litter cleanup with your group!


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