Omaha Spring Cleanup


The Omaha Spring Cleanup (OSC) is a joint effort between the City of Omaha, Keep Omaha Beautiful, and participating neighborhood associations. The free event provides Omaha residents with the opportunity to recycle or dispose of large/bulky items that are not accepted through curbside trash and recycling services (such as old furniture, appliances, tires, and mattresses).

This year, the event will take place during six consecutive Saturdays: April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12, and May 19. A full schedule with assigned site locations will be announced in March 2018. For more information, visit or call 402-444-4636.

If you need to recycle or dispose of bulky items before or after OSC, you are encouraged to utilize River City Recycling or Pheasant Pointe Landfill. Tires can be recycled at River City Recycling for a fee outside of OSC dates. 

If you are a Douglas/Sarpy County resident and you need to dispose of toxic materials (paint, oil, pesticides, and other chemicals), you can drop them off for free at the Under the Sink facility near 120th & I Streets.

Are you an Omaha Spring Cleanup Site Coordinator? Find your resources here.

Results of the 2017 Event

Throughout the 2017 Omaha Spring Cleanup, 1,448 tons of bulky material were collected (that's equivalent to the weight of about 480 female elephants!). This opportunity for free, appropriate disposal helps to reduce indefinite storage of bulky items in people's basements, garages, and yards, which often turn into a haven for rodents, insects, and fire hazards. It also helps to prevent illegal dumping in wooded areas, vacant lots, and water bodies throughout the city.

The majority of neighborhood association sites offered opportunities to recycle items or divert them for beneficial reuse. Of the total material collected this year, 13% was diverted for recycling and reuse, which is a substantial increase from last year’s rate of 8%. Materials that were diverted included tires, appliances, metals, electronics, and bikes. Numerous neighborhood associations set aside other items for recycling and reclamation, but many of these efforts were not tracked and thus not included in the total recycling rate.

Thank you to our 2017 golf title sponsors!



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