For nearly 60 years, Keep Omaha Beautiful has been dedicated to litter reduction, community beautification, and education on recycling and environmental stewardship in the Omaha area.

Omaha Gives!

We love being a part of the Omaha community, where the value of giving weaves through the fabric of our city, bringing together each neighborhood, business, and community organization. We hope you'll join us in celebrating this culture of charitable giving and community service during Omaha Gives, a city-wide holiday that takes place over a period of 24 hours on May 24. In 2016, this community giving campaign engaged nearly 19,000 donors in supporting their favorite nonprofits with donations starting at just $10! This year, we hope you'll give to the values that we strive to bring to life in our community — creating a beautiful, healthy, and environmentally sustainable Omaha. 

We're thankful for the support of RBC Wealth Management for committing to match up to $1,000 raised for our organization during Omaha Gives, doubling the value of your donation. Schedule your donation early, or set a reminder to make your contribution to create a stronger Omaha on May 24. To donate to Keep Omaha Beautiful, visit We sincerely thank you for investing in our mission and the future of our Omaha community. 

Thank you to RBC Wealth Management for supporting us as a matching sponsor for Omaha Gives in 2016 and 2017!



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