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Trees for Omaha Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program plant trees on residential property? 
No. Unfortunately, at this time, the program is only focusing on public property (Omaha parks and right-of-way areas).

Does the program entail removing ash trees?
No. This program only plants trees. However, the City of Omaha is continuing to proactively remove ash trees on public property for public safety reasons. Click here to learn more about the Parks & Recreation Department’s efforts to protect citizens by removing ash trees.

How can I sign up to help plant trees as part of this program?
Keep Omaha Beautiful conducts volunteer-assisted tree plantings in spring and fall. To sign up for volunteer tree-planting opportunities, please contact us at or call 402.444.7774.

Which types of native trees are you planting as part of this program?
We developed the list of native trees for the program with assistance from the Nebraska Forest Service. The trees include American Linden, Black Gum, Black Locust, Black Oak, Black Walnut, Bur Oak, Chinkapin Oak, Coffeetree, Hackberry, Honeylocust, Northern Catalpa, Northern Pecan, Princenton American Elm, Red Oak, Shingle Oak, Shumard Oak, Swamp White Oak, Sycamore, Triumph Elm, and White Oak.

Does the program entail maintaining the trees once they are planted?
Yes. Part of the contract with a given landscaper is to water and maintain the planted trees for one full year. After this, the Parks & Recreation Department will maintain the trees.

What type of tree should I plant in my yard to replace an ash tree?
The Nebraska EAB Resource Center (developed by the Nebraska Forest Service) is a great resource. It provides recommendations on the types of trees and what to keep in mind when planting a tree on your personal property.

Where can I purchase “grow-bag” produced trees like the ones used in this program?
There are various tree nurseries throughout the country that produce grow-bag trees.  Three local growers are Faller Landscape, Great Plains Nursery, and Papio-Valley Nursery. By providing this list, please note that KOB, the City of Omaha, and NFS do not officially endorse these companies.

How can I tell if the tree in my yard is an ash tree?
The Nebraska EAB Resource Center provides resources that can help you confirm whether your tree is an ash tree.

Who should I work with to remove an ash tree on my property or treat it?
You are strongly encouraged to only use a certified and licensed arborist to remove or treat an ash tree on your property. On the EAB Resource Center, the Nebraska Forest Service provides resource guides on how to select an arborist and how to determine whether to remove or treat an ash tree.

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