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2023 KOB Awards

The KOB Awards recognize outstanding service and exemplary commitment to the collective good of our community and the environment. 

KOB Stewardship Award: At KOB, stewardship is demonstrated by caring for Omaha’s urban ecosystem. This award will be presented to an individual or group whose commitment to the community and our urban spaces embodies KOB’s mission and inspires us every day.

Outstanding Partner Award: The Outstanding Partner Award is presented to one group in appreciation of their partnership with Keep Omaha Beautiful. This award recognizes the vital role they play in contributing to a healthy urban ecosystem in Omaha. They have demonstrated that there is strength in combining resources and energy to fulfill the needs of Omaha residents and our urban environment.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to these 2023 KOB Award winners! Each will receive a tree dedication in an Omaha public park.


Keep Omaha Beautiful values the efforts of all community members and volunteers who contribute to our healthy urban ecosystem.

Honorable Mentions

KOB also wishes to recognize and thank all those who were nominated for the KOB Awards. The following individuals and partners have made notable contributions for the good of our community, and their actions inspire environmental stewardship.   

Nominees for KOB Stewardship Award

  • Steve Bolgar - Steve’s relentless dedication to his adopt-a-spot location deserves a shining tribute! Steve proactively shares needs and offers solutions that bring community volunteers together in caring for a local park and neighborhood corridor. 

  • Leah Bryant - Leah has volunteered with KOB at multiple events, and her passion for bettering the Omaha community through kindness, laughter, and volunteer work is inspiring. 

  • Trevor Saffle - Trevor has been volunteering as an almost-weekly caretaker for KOB's Sustainable Spaces plot, cleaning up litter and clearing unwanted weeds, and engaging with surrounding neighbors. KOB is so thankful for his assistance in maintaining this space.

  • Sustainable Suburbanites - This family volunteer group has shown up to help in many ways at many events and in the community. They are dedicated to sharing and amplifying sustainability resources in our area, and inspire others to get involved and take action.

  • Steven Walton - Steven has been a truly dedicated volunteer, from helping at the World O! Water event despite a broken hand, to planting trees. He is an inspiring environmental steward.

Nominees for Outstanding Partner Award

  • City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department - The Parks and Recreation Department has worked diligently to contribute to a healthy urban environment both inside and outside of their partnership with KOB. Despite the high demands on their department, they continuously show up to support improvements that benefit our community and the environment.

  • Colleen Schmit - Colleen completed a third-party evaluation of KOB’s Environmental Education program, and through the process, became a thought partner and champion of our overall programming. She deserves recognition for her above-and-beyond work and great recommendations for our education team.

  • CSG - CSG provides employee volunteer opportunities and proactively seeks ways to help care for our community and the environment. CSG volunteers always go above and beyond when helping at KOB events, and have been repeat volunteers for community service projects.  

  • Great Plains Nursery - Great Plains shows exemplary commitment to native trees and KOB's Tree Canopy Improvement programs through their support of Trees for Schools. We appreciate their above-and-beyond efforts to provide maintenance for the health and success of our trees on school grounds. Their involvement and presence in the Omaha community inspires us.

  • Omaha Solid Waste Program & Neighborhood Partners - The Omaha Spring & Fall Cleanup events have a tremendous impact on keeping our city clean (and greenspaces healthy). These events are made possible thanks to the City of Omaha’s response to provide residents with a free, bulky-waste disposal event, as well as the dedicated neighborhood partners who host Cleanup sites. Their efforts have a positive environmental impact by helping to reduce litter and illegal dumping, getting waste to the right place, and encouraging waste reduction and recycling.

  • Omaha Stormwater - The Omaha Stormwater program is and has been an incredible knowledge resource for KOB. We want to recognize this department for their willingness to respond to public concerns, their help brainstorming impactful opportunities for community volunteers, and informing our public education efforts surrounding pollution prevention.  

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