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Our interactive activities and presentations generally last one hour, but can be adjusted as necessary.

 We believe that environmental education is an essential part of connecting people to the natural world. Our goals are to facilitate learning that is interactive and provide information that equips people with practical ways to engage in our community and care for the world around us.


As part of our commitment to educating people about issues connected to environmental stewardship, we conduct interactive activities and presentations at no charge to schools and community groups. Our educational activities and presentations are designed to integrate with an organization/teacher’s current curriculum or introduce a new topic. All our presentations are aligned to Nebraska Academic Content Standards. They are adapted to the age of the group and can be tailored to various subjects such as science, art, literature, math, and the social or physical sciences. Outreach topics include: 


  • Green Heroes: Nature's Recyclers - (recommended for grades 2-6) Participate in a hands-on investigation of decomposer and scavenger organisms to explore how nature organically reduces, reuses, and recycles. By taking lessons from nature, we're able to better understand how to apply the 3 R's to our daily lives and behaviors.

  • Daily Environmental Stewardship - (recommended for all academic levels) Explore what it means to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost. In this program, we dive deep into environmental stewardship methods, understanding the process of recycling and why reducing remains our most important 'R'. Activities conclude with students determining simple action items they can integrate into their daily lives to make a big difference.

  • Only Rain Down the Storm Drain - (recommended for grades 2 and up) Where does the water go when it rains? How do our actions affect aquatic ecosystems? This interactive activity allows students to gain a better understanding of how humans impact water quality in the city, the benefits of stormwater management, and how to take these practices home.

  • Healthy Trees and Nasty Pests - (recommended for grades 5 and up) The Emerald Ash Borer is currently infiltrating Omaha's tree canopy, yet most of us are completely confused by this pesky creature. Through this program, we answer the questions of what makes a pest an invasive species, how they'll affect our city and us personally, and what we can do about it.

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Take environmental education a step further by integrating a volunteer opportunity.

For interested groups, we also provide opportunities for students and citizens to volunteer and/or participate in service-learning style projects that extend the learning beyond the classroom/presentation setting, such as (but not limited to):

  •     Litter Cleanups (parks, streams, trails, and dam sites - Groups remove litter and recyclable items from selected areas and discuss the importance of keeping our ecosystems clean and healthy. Cleanup events also provide opportunities to analyze the waste collected and discuss questions connected to materials management.

  •     Storm Drain Labeling - Groups help remove debris from storm inlets in a designated neighborhood and place “no dumping” discs on the storm drains. Information on water pollution prevention and the importance of managing stormwater are tied into the labeling events.

  •     Recycling Enhancements & Tracking - Groups interested in starting, increasing, and/or tracking recycling and waste reduction efforts can consult with us and receive literature and resources to support sustainability in their schools or small organizations.

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Interested in additional resources connected to environmental education? Check out our RESOURCES section. 

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